Tefal B6799042 25cm Sausage Dog Pancake Crepe Frying Pan

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Tefal B6799042 25cm Sausage Dog Pancake Crepe Frying Pan

Tefal’s new range has the outline of an Sausage Dog so you can create your own edible art like a pro. This pancake pan comes with a squeezy bottle with a precision tip to ensure your pancakes are drawn to perfection. Simply wait until the pan is at cooking temperature - indicated by the Thermospot that will turn bold red - draw the outline so it has time to brown, before filling in the gaps with the rest of the mixture. Adding a splash of fun to the kitchen, the bottom of each pan has an enamel, glossy finish with a colourful illustration of a wise owl.

The ergonomic handle also ensures that the whole family can enjoy tossing pancakes without fear of burning fingers. Tefal’s intensy non-stick coating, will make pancake flipping even easier The range is also dishwasher safe and compatible on all hob types except induction.


  • Unrivaled resistance performance on enamelBright and colourful decor that resists against heat and abrasions.
  • Hob compatibilitySuitable for all hobs except induction
  • Enamel exterior coatingHard-wearing coating, easy to clean and resistant against scratches
  • Thermo-Spot that turns fully red when the pancake pan has reached optimum temperature to start cooking
  • Creative outlinesFollow the outlines and fill in the blanks with your pancake mix
  • Squeezy batter bottle, equipped with a fine tip that gives you more control when drawing the sausage dog outline.
  • The included squeezy bottle holds up to 200ml of your favourite batter recipe