Russell Hobbs 27260 600W Classics Bread Maker - White

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Russell Hobbs 27260 600W Classics Bread Maker - White

Wake up to the delicious aroma of freshly baked bread with the Russell Hobbs Classics Breadmaker. Whether you love artisan bread recipes, a plain white loaf or gluten-free, 12 easy-to-use functions, three crust options and two bread sizes take the hard work and hassle out of making the bread you love.

Freshly baked by you

Nothing says ‘home’ quite like the aroma of freshly baked bread wafting from the kitchen. If you’d like to make your own bread but don’t want all the hassle and mess that goes with making bread by hand, we’ve got the perfect solution. The Russell Hobbs Classics Breadmaker makes homemade loaves fast and easy.

With 12 functions, three crust options and two bread sizes, you can choose the type of bread you love, from a plain white loaf to speciality breads including Wholewheat, and more. You can even make jam and cake batter. With an easy-to-use removal hook and paddle for perfect kneading, you can’t go wrong if you want to make the bread you love from scratch.

12 Breadmaking functions

Whatever bread type you prefer, you can make it yourself easily and quickly in the Russell Hobbs Compact Breadmaker. Choose from a range of 12 settings: Basic, French, Wholewheat, Cake, Sweet, Dough, Jam, Sandwich, Gluten-Free, Fastbake I, Fastbake II and Speciality.

3 Crust options

Select your preferred crust from three options - light, medium or dark and enjoy the perfect finishing touch to every loaf you make.

Two bread sizes (750g/1KG)

Choose the size of loaf you wish to make from two options – 750g or 1kg depending on the amount of bread you need.

900g Capacity

A generous capacity allows plenty of room for your dough to rise.