Russell Hobbs 26053 1.7 Litre Honeycomb Kettle - Grey

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Russell Hobbs 26053 1.7 Litre Honeycomb Kettle - Grey

Keep on top of the latest kitchen trends with the Russell Hobbs Honeycomb Kettle in Grey that brings you a Premium Design at an affordable price. Letting you effortlessly transform your kitchen, this Honeycomb-Inspired Design with Stainless Steel Accents makes a real statement on your countertop. Enjoy a Cup in 43 Seconds*, from a Perfect Pour Spout that prevents any splashes and spills – it’s time to enjoy a blissful brew.

With a phenomenal rating of 87/100 from the Good Housekeeping Institute, their Experts say ‘The Russell Hobbs Honeycomb Kettle is lightweight, quick to boil and easy to pour. A modern kettle to suit a modern kitchen!’

Textured Design

Bringing a contemporary touch to your counter, the Honeycomb Kettle comes in a Grey Plastic with a Textured, Honeycomb Inspired Design. With a repeating hexagonal pattern and Stainless Steel Accents, you can bring a little style to every brew you make.

Internal Rapid Boil 1/2/3 Cup Markers

Enjoying a speedy brew has never been easier thanks to the Rapid Boil Zone Markers on the Honeycomb Kettle. The kettle’s internal 1/2/3 cup indicators let you fill up just the amount of water needed for a brew so you can Boil One Cup in 43 Seconds*. So even on the most hectic mornings, sitting down and really enjoying a brew is possible. Boiling only the water you need will also allow you to save up to 66% energy**.

Perfect Pour Spout

Say goodbye to splashes, splutters and spills all over the kitchen counter, thanks to the Perfect Pour Spout. Giving you a streamlined flow of water, straight from your kettle to your cup, you can enjoy effortless brew-making every time.


  • 1.7L Capacity Plastic Textured Kettle
  • Stainless Steel Accents
  • Internal Rapid Boil 1/2/3 cup markers
  • Boils One Cup in 43 Seconds*
  • Saves up to 66% energy**
  • Water Window 
  • Boil Dry Protection
  • Push Button Lid
  • Perfect Pour Spout
  • 360° Base with Cord Storage
  • 3000W
  • Up to 3 Years Guarantee
  • Save up to 66% energy
  • Boils 1 Cup in 43 Seconds**
  • Perfect Pour
  • *1 cup is equal to 235ml of water
  • **Boiling 1 cup (235ml) vs 1 litre