Kenwood BLP41A0CT 650W Blend-X Fresh Blender

Brand: Kenwood

Product Code: BLP41A0CT

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Kenwood BLP41A0CT 650W Blend-X Fresh Blender

VERSATILE blending, for every kitchen. A family sized blender with an impressive 650W of power will make quick work of all your smoothies, soups, shakes and sauces.


This 2L blender can comfortably blend 1.5L of liquid in no time, making this ideal for larger families and those who like to batch prepare.


The three speeds plus pulse function give you complete control over your textures, making both chunky, wholesome soups and silky sauces a reality.

Ice Cold Creations

With a dedicated ice crush function, you can be certain that your drinks are always refreshingly cold.

Adding is Easy

The removable filler cap allows you to safely flavour and adjust your mix whilst blending. Ideal if adding more liquid, additional ingredients, or adding seasonings.

Easy Clean

The removable stainless steel blade unit means this appliance is as easy to clean as it is to blend your creations.


  • Blender capacity (L) : 2.0L
  • Blender working liquid capacity (L) : 1.5L
  • Pre-set ice crush function
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Cord storage
  • Safety interlock
  • Non slip feet
  • Speeds : 3 speeds + Pulse
  • Goblet material : Calibrated Plastic
  • Wattage (W) : 650W