BaByliss 2583BU Pro Cordless 19 mm Hair Styler

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BaByliss 2583BU Pro Cordless 19 mm Hair Styler

The BaByliss Pro Cordless Styler heats up fast to high temperatures and is easy and safe to use. To switch the tong on, you simply push the ‘on’ switch and wait for approximately five seconds. Then, depress the start switch on the handle of the tong several times. The light at the end of the barrel should now be on and the tong should begin to heat up. Wait for one minute. The tong is now ready to use.

At the end of each styling session, push the ‘off’ switch and allow the styler to cool down before replacing the protective heat shield. If you want to check the level of fuel left in the energy cell, you can do so by looking at the clear base of the cell while the cell is in a horizontal position. If the cell is empty, replace it with a new BaByliss energy cell.


  • 19 mm barrel for smooth curls or waves.
  • Brush attachment permits you to add volume and shape from the roots.
  • Styling tips to get the most out of your Pro Cordless Styler.
  • Easy and secure to use.
  • Prime warmth ceramic barrel
  • Cordless