HoMedics MAN-500-EU Compact Electric Nail Polisher

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HoMedics MAN-500-EU Compact Electric Nail Polisher

Achieving a natural nail shine takes elbow work and some heavy wrist action. Prepare for times of cuticle crisis by adding the HoMedics Compact Nail Polisher to your everyday essentials.

Whether youre buffing to your natural shine or prepping your nails ready for a new shade, our handheld nail polisher is battery powered to ensure every manicure and pedicure is effortless.

Making the most of your Compact Nail Polisher.

There are four interchangeable file heads to achieve shiny, smooth nail plates.

Shape your nails with the coarse head to your favourite nail shape. Then use the fine head to remove ridges and finely perfect the shape of your nail. Attach the buffing head to smooth over the surface of the nail and any unevenness.

Finish off with the shine head to polish each nail to its natural shine.

Perfect for popping into your handbag for everyday when you encounter a sudden snag or nail tear, it effortlessly works over the nail so you dont have to.

Simply place the appropriate head against the nail surface and let the polisher do the rest.


With four interchangeable file heads, you can shape, buff and polish your nails for a natural shine or in preparation for a coat of your favourite polish.


  • Get the look of beautiful naturally shiny nails
  • Effortlessly buffs, smooths and shines nails in seconds
  • Take the hard work out of nail buffing
  • Leaves natural nails looking shiny and beautiful

Box Contents:

  • 1 Handheld Compact Nail Polisher
  • 1 AAA battery included
  • 1 Coarse file 1 Fine file
  • 1 Buffing head
  • 1 Shining head Read