Chanel N°1 De Chanel Revitalizing Lotion 150ml

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Chanel N°1 De Chanel Revitalizing Lotion 150ml

Energises - Refines - Plumps 150ml

The red camellia is a flower unlike any other and the key ingredient in N°1 DE CHANEL. A flower with revitalising powers, whose extraordinary energy gives it perennial youth. ​ CHANEL Research has harnessed its exceptional properties to create a new generation of products, including skincare, makeup and a fragrance mist.​ At the core of the N°1 DE CHANEL beauty line, red camellia extract targets stage N°1 of the skin aging process, working to prevent and correct the appearance of the 5 signs of aging. After applying the N°1 DE CHANEL skincare* ritual, wrinkles appear diminished(1), pores are visibly refined and the skin's elasticity is restored(2). The skin feels more comfortable(3) and glows with vitality(4).​ ​ * Products used: The N°1 DE CHANEL lotion, N°1 DE CHANEL eye cream, N°1 DE CHANEL serum, N°1 DE CHANEL cream, N°1 DE CHANEL foundation and N°1 DE CHANEL serum-in-mist.​ (1) Clinical evaluation after 2 months of use, 45 women in a polluted environment.​ (2) Clinical evaluation after 1 month of use, 45 women in a polluted environment.​ (3) Self-assessment completed immediately after use, 45 women.​ (4) Clinical evaluation immediately after use, 45 women in a polluted environment.​ ​ The N°1 DE CHANEL lotion is a skincare product for the face and décolleté enriched with red camellia extract, an active ingredient which supports the skins vitality, and camellia water. Its formula contains 97% naturally derived ingredients (1) and 48% camellia-derived ingredients. It instantly leaves the skin energised and keeps it looking youthful, for an overall healthier appearance (+32%(2)). ​ ​ (1) Proportion of natural ingredients and derivatives calculated according to ISO16128.​ (2) Self-assessment completed immediately after use by 80 women. ​


  • Concern : Anti-aging
  • Suncare : No SPF
  • Benefit : Rejuvenating
  • Day/Night : Day, Night
  • Body Zone : Face
  • Type of Skin : Normal
  • Type of Skincare : Moisturisers
  • Formulation : Gel

How to Apply

CHANEL has developed a specific application technique to increase the effectiveness of the N°1 DE CHANEL lotion and instantly plump the skin. To open your bottle, gently turn the Twist and Slide cap anti-clockwise. Warm up a few drops of the face lotion between your hands. Then, smooth over the entire face from the centre outwards, avoiding the eye area. Continue by pressing the lotion into the cheeks, forehead and chin. Complete the ritual with the other N°1 DE CHANEL skincare products: the eye cream, serum and cream.