Remington XR1450 Maximum Comfort Hyperflex Advanced Rotary Shaver

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Remington XR1450 Maximum Comfort Hyperflex Advanced Rotary Shaver

HyperFlex Aqua Plus

The HyperFlex Aqua Plus is a rotary shaver designed specifically to tackle the shaving needs of men with the toughest stubble. Its ComfortFloat Cutters and HyperFlex technology adjust to the contours of your face and neck to give you a closer shave while avoiding razor burn. Featuring an upgraded hour long run time and an LED fuel gauge, you can keep track of your shaver’s battery life with ease.

Follows Facial Contours

The curves of your face are the hardest parts to shave and are often the most sensitive. It’s for this reason that we created our innovative ComfortFloat Cutters. They move vertically by floating up and down to easily follow the contours of your face, capturing hairs and giving exceptional coverage, even in hard to reach sensitive areas. Make painful shaving a thing of the past and get a comfortable close shave in a fraction of the time.

Actively Fights Irritation

The Antimicrobial Head Surrounds on the HyperFlex Aqua Plus contain silver ions that combat bacteria, which often build up on other shavers. It’s that build up of bacteria that can cause skin irritation and shaving complaints. Thanks to our innovative technology, you’ll never let skin irritation dictate your shaving routine ever again.

100 per cent Waterproof

Hot water and steam help to soften stubborn stubble making it easier to shave. That’s why we made the HyperFlex Aqua completely waterproof, so you can make the most of your shaver. You can shave in the shower or over the sink, it’s your choice. And best of all you can use your HyperFlex Aqua Plus with shaving oils and gels, so you can upgrade your shaving routine.


  • ComfortFloat Cutters - Close/comfortable shave.
  • Antimicrobial Head Surrounds - Sensitive skin.
  • 100 per cent Waterproof
  • Lithium powered
  • LED Fuel Gauge
  • Hyperflex Technology
  • 5 mins quick charge feature
  • Universal voltage
  • Cordless with charge stand