Remington F4000 F4 Style Foil Shaver

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Remington F4000 F4 Style Foil Shaver

The F4 Foil Shaver has everything you need to achieve a groomed appearance from clean shaving to stubble styling. From maintaining a 3-day stubble look to close, comfortable shaving, you have the freedom to choose your style. It offers up to 45 minutes cordless usage from a 4 hour charge and its LED gauge shows you how much charge it has left.

Whether you shave once a day or once a week; the F4 Foil Shaver will help you to achieve the groomed look you want.

The shaver has oscillating cutters beneath dual flexing foils that protect the skin as the blades work to give a close, comfortable shave. The pivoting head effortlessly glides across your face and into every contour at the correct angle and its ergonomic shape is designed to fit to your shaving grip to ensure no hair is left uncaptured.

Independent flexing foils and intercept trimmer adjust comfortably to facial contours capturing even the most stubborn low lying hairs. Thanks to a 3 Day Stubble Styler and a Pop Up Detail Trimmer, you have the freedom to wear your facial hair however you want to and maintain your look with minimum effort. 

The Style Series F4 has a pivoting head with lock and dual foil cutters to help make sure every contour of your face can be comfortably groomed with ease and that even the most awkward hairs are captured.


  • Pivoting Head w/Lock
  • Dual Foil Cutters for a close and effective shave
  • Fully Washable for use with shave gel and foam
  • Independent Flexing Foils & Intercept Trimmer to adjust to facial contours and capture low lying hairs
  • Pop Up Trimmer for detail trimming
  • Ergonomic Design to cater to different shave grips
  • Stubble Head Guard – 3 day stubble look
  • 45mins usage time
  • 4 hour charge time
  • Quick charge
  • Cordless
  • 2 LED  fuel gauge indicators - Charge/Low/Full charge
  • Cleaning brush
  • 2 year guarantee