Philips Avent SCF355-00 Baby Fast Bottle Warmer

Brand: Philips

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Philips Avent SCF355/00 Baby Fast Bottle Warmer

Quickly and evenly warms your milk

  • Warms evenly, no hot spots
  • Warms quickly
  • Gentle defrosting
  • Warms baby food too

Warms baby bottles in 3 minutes

The bottle warmer will warm 150 ml/5 oz of milk in just 3 minutes*

Warms quickly and evenly

The bottle warmer warms quickly and evenly. By circulating the milk continuously as it warms, hot spots are also prevented.

Gentle defrost setting for baby bottles

The bottle warmer features a handy defrost setting. Safer than defrosting in a microwave and more convenient than using water. Simply select the setting to defrost frozen milk or baby food to liquid.

Use to warm baby food too

As well as baby bottles, you can also use the bottle warmer to gently and evenly warm baby food.

Compatible with Philips Avent bottles and containers

The bottle warmer is fully compatible with all Philips Avent bottles and containers*. Use it to warm bottles and baby food containers conveniently.

Easy to operate with helpful warming guide

Simply turn the knob to switch the baby bottle warmer on and select your warming setting. The bottle warmer comes with a helpful warming reference table so you can easily work out how long the warming will take.


Weight and dimensions

  • Product dimensions (W x H x D) : 160.4 x 139.9 x 148.55  mm
  • Retail pack dimensions (WxHxD) : 175 x 185 x 160  mm

Technical Specifications

  • Power consumption : 300  W
  • Voltage : 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Safety Classification : Class 1

Product Material

  • ABS
  • PP