Tefal B3430442 24cm Precision Plus Frypan - Black

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Tefal B3430442 24cm Precision Plus Frypan - Black

Thermo-Spot Technology

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if you’ve cooked your food properly – even if you’ve followed cooking times to the letter. Undercook it and you run the risk of food poisoning; overcook it and it’ll be tasteless and tough.

Worry not. On the surface of every Tefal Precision Plus pan is a Thermo-Spot. Before heating your pan, this spot has a visible pattern; as the pan heats up, the pattern disappears and turns solid red when your pan has reached the ideal cooking temperature – between 180C and 200C.

So, say goodbye to under and overcooked food. With our Thermo-Spot Technology, you’ll be searing tender meat and making delicate crepes like a pro, every day.

Multi-Hob Compatible

The durable aluminium base ensures even heat distribution – no more ‘hot spots’ – and is suitable for use on all types of hob (excluding induction).

Comfortable to Use

Lightweight with comfort-grip handles, ideal for everyday use. Made with Bakelite, oven safe up to 175C (Gas Mark 4, 350F) for an hour. Start cooking on the hob and finish off dishes in the oven.

Monitor Progress

The Precision Plus range feature vented glass lids on the stewpot and sautepan let you monitor progress while steam is released, without lifting a lid. Even better, they’re dishwasher safe. So, you can enjoy your meal knowing there will be no washing up afterwards.


  • Easy Plus coating provides durable non-stick performance
  • Thermo-Spot marking turns full red when the pan reaches the ideal temperature
  • Comfortable ergonomic grip for easy handling
  • Compatible on all hobs except induction