Prestige 47132 3.5 Litre Mechanical Slow Cooker - Silver

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Prestige 47132 3.5 Litre Mechanical Slow Cooker - Silver

A great time saving kitchenware essential, our 3.5L mechanical slow cooker is perfect for cooking your meals while you're kept busy with day to day life, allowing you to simply plate up when the cooking's complete!

With a 3.5L capacity this slow cooker is ideal if you're individual meals or for a small family. Even when cooking is complete, this slow cooker ensures your dish doesn't go cold with an automatically activated 'keep warm' function once cooking is complete.

Featuring 3 temperature levels - high, low and keep warm - you can select the appropriate setting to ensure your meals cooked to perfection. This mechanical slow cooker incorporates a ceramic container for easy clean up.


  • Programmable mechanical control timer
  • 3 operational levels - High, Low and 'Keep Warm'
  • Automatically activated "Keep Warm" function - Once cooking is complete
  • Removeable ceramic container - Good for convenient clean up
  • Glass Lid - Keep an eye on your cooking and keep the goodness locked in


  • Capacity: 3.5L
  • Stainless steel body