Morphy Richards 562000 Supreme Precision 10 in 1 Multicooker

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Morphy Richards 562000 Supreme Precision 10 in 1 Multicooker

Nothing beats a delicious home cooked meal, but the stress and worry of making it a success can take the enjoyment out of the process. Thanks to the Supreme Precision 10 in 1 Multicooker your worries will be chopped, mixed and stirred away producing tasty meals to be enjoyed time and time again. Food cooks automatically with minimum fuss, so you can get on with other jobs or just sit back and relax – no more continuous stirring or constantly checking your cooking’s progress.

  • Two automatic cooking programmes for better results everytime
  • 10 cooking functions all in one

Cook with Confidence for Better Results, First Time Every Time

Add your ingredients and let the multicooker do the hard work for you. During the cooking process the multicooker will heat up and stir or chop automatically meaning you can get on with something else safe in the knowledge you will have a delicious home cooked meal ready when you are.

Consistent, precise and perfect results every time.

This high Precision 10 in 1 Multicooker comes with two automatic cooking programmes. Programme A cooks delicious rice dishes in only 27 minutes and programme B cooks tasty pasta dishes in 33 minutes. On the automatic settings, the 10-in-1 multicooker is programmed to heat and stir continually and will beep at you during the cooking process to let you know when to add more ingredients. Simply remove the lid, add the ingredients and replace the lid – the multicooker continues to cook for the rest of the program time automatically, creating delicious dishes with better results every time.

10 Cooking Functions

This high Precision multicooker has an easy-to-use cool-touch display. It can mix, blend and heat, allowing you to create a variety of delicious dishes through 10 food prep-techniques. Your multicooker can manually through the setting of time, blade speed and temperature; sauté, boil, steam, melt or fast stew. The multicooker can also be used for your food preparation tasks, to mix, blend, chop, emulsify and stir ingredients before and during cooking. At certain points, to aid cooking it may be required to scrape the sides of Jug with a spatula to remove any food adhered to the surface.

Cooking and Blending Functions

The Multicooker utilises two main processes mixing and heating. These coupled with the timer, allow for a wide range of tasks. You can change the mixing speed, cooking temperature or timer using the increase and decrease buttons .Your Multicooker provides continuous mixing from low speeds 1-5, to high speeds 6-10 (chopping/whisking) and a pulse button. It is not suitable for kneading heavy dough mixtures (bread, pastry etc.). The heating element within the Multicooker can heat the Jug from 37 to 100 degree Celsius. It is not suitable for deep frying. The maximum time on the timer is 60 minutes.

1.2 Litre Capacity for Up to Four Servings

The majority of recipes cater for four servings. Ideal for family meals or batch cooking to freeze for later.

Easy to Clean

When you’re done, the multi-cooker is also quick and easy to clean. Simply press the jug release button, remove the outer lock ring from the base of the jug, the drive shaft from inside the jug and clean with a sponge and hot soapy water.


Supplied accessories include a mixing paddle, chopping and serrator blades, for stirring, blending and chopping. Plus an extensive recipe book with over 70 recipes to help you get the most from your multi-cooker. The accessories store away easily inside the jug for a compact storage solution. Use the mixing paddle for slowly stirring dishes such as risottos, pastas and stews on speeds one to three and for emulsifying and mixing sauces on speeds four to five. Use the chopping blade and serrator blades at speeds four to 10 for mixing, blending, chopping and crushing a wide range of ingredients.


  • Versatile multi-cooker with 10 cooking functions
  • Two automatic programmes with 12 pre-programmed dishes with automatic temperature, time and speed settings
  • Easy to use digital display and countdown timer to create a range of healthy meals with desired results
  • Large 1.2 L stainless steel jug feeds up to four people
  • Easy to clean removable parts for quick tidying