Breville SHM2 10 Speeds 380W Twin Motor Hand and Stand Food Mixer

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Breville SHM2 10 Speeds 380W Twin Motor Hand and Stand Food Mixer

The SHM2 stand and hand food mixer is the ultimate kitchen tool for any baker or chef, packed full of high-performing and functional features.

With a high-power motor, ergonomic design and high-capacity mixing bowl, the Twin Motor Hand and Stand Food Mixer from Breville makes light work of even the most difficult mixing, mashing, whisking and whipping tasks. Perfect for the busy, modern family looking to take back control of the kitchen and their nutrition, the mixer makes even the most difficult of recipes decidedly easier.

Whether you’re a star baker or a mixing novice, the wide range of functions and complete control offered by the Twin Motor Hand and Stand Food Mixer means you can quickly get in the mix. Capable of supporting a huge range of different culinary techniques, the appliance can help you do everything from mashing a bumper crop of potatoes to delicately whipping egg whites for a carefully crafted soufflé.

Breville’s patented twin motor technology rotates both the beaters and the bowl separately, ensuring a more even, consistent and thoroughly mixed result. Shaped beaters ensure that every drop of the mixture is brought into the mix, so no more annoying ingredients avoiding the beaters. Although this does mean the kids might not get much mix when they ask to lick out the bowl.

For smaller and quicker jobs, the hand blender can be easily pulled apart from the stand, again giving you greater control. The versatile Twin Motor Hand and Stand Food Mixer really fits into your family life, and around your daily needs.

Finished in a stylish and minimalistic gloss white and stainless steel design, the Twin Motor Hand and Stand Food Mixer complements a wide range of kitchens. Whether your kitchen is traditional or contemporary in design; the mixer will quickly and efficiently fit into your family life.

The Twin Motor Hand and Stand Food Mixer includes:

  • Detachable hand mixer
  • Twin motor-controlled beaters
  • 380W motor
  • Stainless steel bowl
  • 10 mixer speeds


  • Twin hand and stand mixer--one motor drives the beaters, the other rotates the bowl
  • 380 w motor with 10 speeds
  • Stainless steel bowl with 2 l capacity for liquid and 1 kg capacity for dry food
  • Accessories include stainless steel beaters, whisks, dough hooks and spatula
  • Mixer detaches to use as hand mixer for greater control