Remington MB3000 B3 Style Series Beard Trimmer

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Remington MB3000 B3 Style Series Beard Trimmer

Effortlessly maintain your beard with the Style Series B3 Beard Trimmer, featuring an Intuitive Zoom Wheel for 17 cutting lengths between 0.4mm and 18 mm.

It’s time to ‘Get Your You On’ with Remington’s new Style Series B3 Beard Trimmer. The Intuitive Zoom Wheel lets you select one of 17 precise cutting lengths with accuracy and ease. While the Self-Sharpening Blades with Comfort Tips have been designed to feel smooth against the skin - always providing sharp results.

Precision Styling with the Intuitive Zoom Wheel

If you’re looking for precise and accurate trimming, then you’ll love the Style Series B3 Beard Trimmer. Designed to bring accuracy and precision to your grooming routine, the Intuitive Zoom Wheel and Adjustable Comb will help you effortlessly select the length you need, to achieve any style from 3-day stubble to a full, well-maintained beard.

55% Increased Cutting Control

With 17 precise cutting length increments, the Style Series B3 Beard Trimmer gives you 55% Increased Cutting Control*.

  • 10 x 0.5mm increments up to 5mm
  • 1 x 1mm increment from 5-6mm
  • 6 x 2mm increments from 6-18mm

Removable Washable Blades

Keep your Style Series looking ‘good as new’ at all times, thanks to the Removable Washable Blades. When it’s time to clean your beard trimmer, simply detach the blade and rinse under the tap to keep it looking and feeling fresh.


  • Self-Sharpening Comfort Tip Blades
  • Removable Washable Blades
  • Zoom Wheel Length Adjustment for Easy Precision
  • 1 x Adjustable Comb
  • Trimming Lengths (0.4mm-18mm)
  • 0.5 Increments, up to 5mm
  • 1mm increment from 5-6mm 
  • 2mm Increments from 6-18mm
  • Battery Operated with 2 x AAA batteries
  • Travel Pouch