Benefit They're Real Duo Eyeshadow Blender Beyond Nude 3.5g

Brand: Benefit

Product Code: They're Real Duo Beyond Nude 3.5g

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Benefit They're Real Duo Eyeshadow Blender Beyond Nude 3.5g

One step, two sexy eyes!

It’s beyond easy to get bigger, sexier eyes with these perfectly paired powder eyeshadow duos. The crease-resistant, longwear formula lasts 12-hours* and the custom ShadowBlender fits your eye shape to ensure expert eyeshadow application every time.

Usage Instructions:

Slide & sweep!

You’re easy on the eyes, gorgeous…and so are these eyeshadow duos! Just slide the custom ShadowBlender across the eyeshadow pan, then sweep across your eyelid! Make sure to position the custom ShadowBlender in the inner corner of your eye with the darker shade along your lashline. Gently wipe your custom ShadowBlender with a tissue after each use to remove excess shadow. Build the sexy by repeating the slide & sweep for a more dramatic look or do the sexy switch-up…position the custom ShadowBlender with the lighter shade along your lashline and the deeper shade in the crease of your eyelid.